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Is Your Automatic Door Closer Slamming? We’ll Have it Working Like New Again. Guaranteed.

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The Top 7 Automatic Door Closer Problems

  • The automatic door closer keeps slamming
  • Your hydraulic door closer seems to have stopped working
  • Your door closer unit is leaking oil
  • You are afraid the glass door will smash if it slams too hard
  • Your door is scraping due to being out of alignment
  • Your door closer is too weak for the weight of your door
  • Your door closer no longer aligns and poses a potential security problem
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If you need help with your automatic door closer, then we have a cost effective solution to get your door back to perfect working condition.

We have seen every type of door closer problem possible and will provide you a free quote within minutes.​

We work with all the major door closer brands, such as ​Dorma, Ryobi, Kaba, Novas, Sabre, Geze, CR Laurence, Jackson and more. No matter what type of door closer you have, we have likely seen it, repaired it and successfully made adjustments.

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Do Not Try to Repair Your Own Automatic Door Unit

You may not realise it, but each door closer unit contains a powerful spring. If the spring lets loose, it may cause some serious damage.

The smartest solution you have is to give a door closer specialist a call (yes, the actual repair person will answer your call), and get them to identify your exact issue and quote a replacement on the phone.

Also, for every automatic door closer issue we talk to the staff to understand how fast you would like it to close and lock. We adjust the door closing and locking speed to suit your needs.

Why Choose Adsafe Doors?

Adsafe has been the door closer and sliding door repair specialists in Sydney since 1992. Over this time, we have been perfecting our door closer installation and replacement process, and the combination of experience, quality and professionalism means your door will be back to perfect condition.
We have thousands of satisfied customers in Sydney and you will be dealing with licensed professionals.

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Do not let a small door closer issue turn into a bigger problem. You can get your door back to perfect working condition faster than you think.


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Watch us fix a Sliding Door

Click play on the YouTube video play button to watch us remove and install new tracks and rollers. Although this isn't a specific door closer issue we are fixing, we like to show the process and care with take with any door repair.

You can see exactly how we operate and the care we take when fixing your door.

Live in Sydney? We'll come to you

Based in the Hills District, our team will come to you across the greater Sydney area. No matter if you live in The Hills District, North Sydney, Sydney City, Inner West, Northern Beaches, Upper or Lower North Shore, South Western Sydney, St George, Easter Suburbs, Kellyville, Parramatta, Cronulla or Canterbury area, we’ll arrange a convenient time and place to fix your automatic door closer issue.


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What Our Customers Say

Just a quick note to say I have just had the rollers replaced on 2 doors and was very impressed with both the quality of the work and the professional manor in which it was done. Well worth the money to have a proper job done and be left with a feeling of confidence in the work.
The doors now glide.

Tony Legros 

You must watch these before and after videos of our many satisfied customers. We are often booked 2-3 weeks in advance, so call today to get a quote on 0417 464 743.
Click play on the videos below.

Six months ago our sliding door was “stuffed”, to put it crudely. Attempting to open or shut it challenged my limited strength and energy. (I am 80, my husband is 84 years old). After being repaired by Adsafe Doors, the change is remarkable. We can now open and shut the door with ease and I am constantly at the beck and call of ten cats and two dogs wanting to come in and out all day. (My dogs wanting to run around the yard, the cats limited to an enclosed back veranda so as not to raise the ire of neighbours). I can heartily recommend Adsafe Doors to anyone with a problem opening and shutting a sliding door.
Thank you.”

Margaret Setter 

I cannot believe I was actually considering replacing my doors before finding Steven and the Adsafe team, he was prompt, friendly and professional. Took the time to explain to me the issue and give me a quote. He managed to fix my balcony that afternoon and I cannot believe the difference today. THEY SLIDE LIKE A DREAM! I used to have to put all my body weight behind the glass door to open it which was irritating and noisy, I can basically now open the door with one finger! Its incredible! Thanks so much Adsafe, you solved my issue competitively and successfully.